Give me , O Jesus, a true and ferm humility, a faith which will withstand all trials, and a hope founded on following your way. Bled Peter Vigne.

A Reawakening...a New Year, new life

January and February 2018

As an introduction to this year, we reflect on a short passage from Peter Vigne. The text reminds us how easy it is to give up, to rely on habit and routine, not necessarily creative and life giving! To begin the year more "awake" and to start each day as a new beginning, might indeed be a good resolution. There are twelve months ahead of us so let us be attentive and determined like the bird sitting on the barbed wire, ready for take-off and new challenges.

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Like a Harvest

August, September and October 2017

In the face of horrific events caused by those intent on sowing death and destruction everywhere, Peter Vigne encourages us to sow the seeds of goodness day after day.