So many voices … so many lives !

April - May 2016

The Good News of the Paschal Mystery will continue to resound throughout the months of April and May. In the liturgy, the Word of God invites us to reflect on the heart-warming accounts of the Apostles and Disciples of Christ after the Resurrection. During these months, the Joy of the Gospel reaches out to us to engage us in conversation……if we are willing to listen! This is very “necessary” when atrocities occur and it seems that the lives of other people are of no value. On the contrary, every life has a value, it is the “work of God” says Peter Vigne!

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God's abiding love

October - November 2015

On November 30th at Boucieu le Roi we will celebrate the closing of the jubilee year marking the 3rd centenary of the Congegation.