Lent … Pause and Pray

March - April 2019

The month of March sees us off on our LENTEN journey; a 40 day journey of in-tense preparation for Easter to which Peter Vigne invites us. We cannot fully understand Lent except in relation to EASTER.
LENT, the road to EASTER is therefore an important road for every baptised Christian; it calls us to conversion in prepara-tion for the celebration of the resur-rection of Jesus Christ, 21 April.

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Trough Love freely given

November - December 2018

We are in the final months of 2018! November which is always marked by remembering the dead, could also be the month dedicated to “everyday life” Saints.

With the Sun

September - October 2018

The summer months in Europe this year were exceptionally hot… Northern countries, unaccus-tomed to such high temperatures witnessed their warmest weather ever!